Animal Band I

Animal 2

Animal 1

This is what my sister made in 2009.

Instead of creating a band with people, she used different animals.

She matched each animal’s unique characteristics very well with different instruments, didn’t she?

It looks like the elephant is the leader of this small band and it is watching others playing while playing piano.

I personally like this work alot because all the animals look like they are enjoying playing music. Also, since they are animals, not people, it comes more friendly to me.

Plus, comparing with the piano’s size, you can probably assume how small those are!! Amazing isnt it? 🙂

Here are some closer shot, sorry that some of them are not that clear. They were very small so it did not focus very well 😦

Animal 5

Animal 3

3 animals

Penguin & Chicken

Cat & Fox

Panda & Frog

Animal 6

Animal 4


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