What is it like to have an autistic sister?

Everytime I tell my friends that my younger sister has autism, everybody’s facial expression changes. Not an angry look of course, but a very sad look saying ‘Aww poor you’. I understand that it is very natural for them to feel sorry for me just because my sister is not ‘normal’. Growing up, I even have heard a person ‘advising’ me that I should stop caring and forget about my sister since it pains me alot. I think that person was very rude to just conclude that having an autistic sister is painful but it was his perspective so what can I do right?

For us, there are many things that are different from normal sisters and it became more obvious as I grew older. However, it never stressed me or made me depressed. I think it was very natural for me to accept how my sister was without any explanation maybe because I saw her from when she was young. Well,  there are many things that I could not and most likely not be able to do with her. I cannot go shopping and have a girl talk together like other sisters. But those thing does not upset me. I am actually very happy with how she is. I notice  that a lot of people do not believe this when I say this but I seriously mean it.

I believe that our relationship is more unique than other normal siblings’. We would tend to be silly with each other making stupid jokes that only two of us can understand. We would sing along and dance together all the time. We both do not really care if we can sing and dance well. We just do it more silly ways, especially me, to make each other laugh. Unlike how other people imagine, there are many things that we share and there are so many precious memories I have with her. Even though I cannot talk to her about any concerns I have but she just gives me strength by simply being there. Somehow she can even sense my feeling too and she would draw or make something for me to cheer me up.

She is the most important person in my life and I will do anything for her to be happy. She will be always my little younger sister and I will be there for her.

So, to answer my question, honestly, having an autistic sister is just amazing.  I enjoy it alot and love it.  Of course there are ups and downs but considering the things that she taught me and all the happiness she gave me, I cannot exchange this girl with anybody.

And I am happy for who she is.  🙂

You and I


6 responses to “What is it like to have an autistic sister?

  1. When God made your sister, he gave her special gifts that those of us who fall into the “normal spectrum” don’t have. I am so glad that you see her this way. I have a son who was diagnosed with what he now calls “Asperger’s Advantage.” It is such a positive way to look at who he is!

    • Thank you!
      I agree with you. It is depending on how you look at it. If you just think the situation is too depressing, you will only see depressing things, but if you change the perspective then your life will be full of excitement and happiness!
      I think my sister has Asperger’s Advantage as well but I am not too sure. She got diagnosed in Korea and only word I could translate was classic autism but then more I research on ASD, her symptoms are closer to Asperger’s. Well I am not sure and it does not really matter I guess? hehe

  2. Your attitude towards your sister is just perfect, she is who she is, and that is how she is meant to be. It sounds as though you are both very lucky to have the other one.

    And thank you for liking my recent blog post 🙂

  3. Your sister is blessed to have a sister like you, as you have been blessed to have her in your life. There are many things they can teach us- unconditional love, most of all. Blessings to you and your sister always!

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