Overcoming Autism – From My Child to the Community at Large

Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA

By Guest Blogger: Eyal Aronoff

parents leading the way

When my daughter Leya was two and a half, Dr. Ira Lott of UCI diagnosed her with autism. She was non-verbal, had extreme food selectivity, did not complain about pain, would cry for no reason (sometimes for hours), could not follow simple three step instructions, and was unable to animate toys. On the other hand, she was a very happy kid.  She really enjoyed doing puzzles. For kicks, she would simultaneously do three different puzzles from one pile of pieces. She LOVED the Teletubbies and could sit for hours watching the same episodes again and again. With the exception of her crying sprees, Leya was the easiest baby ever — she would never complain.

As young parents (Leya was our first child), you don’t quite know what to expect from your baby/toddler. We had no idea that Leya was well below where she was supposed…

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