Things I Learn From My Sister #1


As you know from my previous posts, my sister has autism spectrum disorder. So it could sound very weird if I tell you I learn a lot from autistic sister. But I do! I truly learn a lot.

The thing I learned the most from her was her attitude towards a lot of things. First she is very persistent on her goals. It is easily get mistaken that autistic people do not have goals for their life but it is very wrong. When I look at my sister, she is very eager to achieve what she wants to. It isn’t something so ambitious but relates to something she likes to do.

My sister is an artist. She does not just work on a piece because she wants to or feels like. She plans ahead what to make and how to make. One of her favorite thing to make is Merry-go-round. After a few trials, she realized that it is not very stable only with clay. It broke few times because the pillar could not support the ceiling. So, she started to use toothpicks. If it was me, I would cut the toothpicks while I am making it with clay. But she cuts them into same sizes and prepares to build it. Every time when she makes something, she always spends at least one day for preparation. Other than cutting toothpicks, she mixes clays to prepare the colors that she is going to use and she writes down how she is going to make. It is not detailed but she writes how many people she is planning to make, what kinds of animals she is going to make and so on.

While she is in the process of making her art work, she knows how long it is going to take. She also knows how much she needs to finish in a day to finish in time. I have never seen her getting behind her plan. She never gets lazy and she spends every single minutes of her day very productively.

I think her planning skill is good because she knows her capabilities and how to spend her days very well. She does not plan it in the way that it gets very busy that she would get stressed or very relax that she has nothing to do. She knows her limit very well.

Looking at how she makes her day very meaningful, it pushes me to work harder to make my day more productive. I am far away from being diligent like her but I am glad to have someone who can influence me positively.


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