The nonPareil Institute


The nonPareil Institute is a non-profit technology company where they trains and employ people with autism spectrum disorder. They teach them not only programing but also how to work as a team. They are working to create computer games and other technology stuff. They are hoping to become ‘Apple’ of Autism, which I believe they can.

The founder Dan Selec has a son who has autism spectrum, who is very talented on technology. This gave him an idea to build this institute. What he is doing is very amazing news to me. This provides an opportunity for autistic people to contribute to the world with their special talent. Also this gives me a hope that my sister could possibly work in the future.

I look up to him alot because of what he has done for autistic people. Other than only giving them hopes, he provided them a job and made them feel like they are part of the society. This also encouraged me for my goal of building a center where autistic people can freely come and learn and interact with each other. I hope this institute goes world-widely big so people in other countries can get the benefits too.


You can find more information about his company through this link.




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