Asperger’s And Autism: Researchers Find Brain Differences



An article from Huffpost Healthy Living says that the scientists have found some differences between autism and Asperger’s, which is a great finding!

Dr. Frank Duffy and his team have found that children with Asperger’s syndrome have different brain connectivity from children with autism by using electroencephalography (EEG).  At first, the test showed that children with Asperger’s and with autism were similar by showing weaker connections  in the left hemisphere of the brain called the arcuate fasciculus, where involved in language, compared to the typically-developing children.

However, they saw the differences as they more looked into it. Connections between several regions in the left hemisphere were stronger in children with Asperger’s than in both children with autism and typically-developing children.

This explains why children with Asperger’s tend to show language and cognitive development that is closer to that of typically-developing children, while other symptoms like having difficulties with social interactions, are similar with autistic children.

Dr. Duffy said more research need to be done to see if this new finding is the difference between Asperger’s and autism. Also, he said since Asperger’s and autism have different brain system, they need to be categorize differently so they can get different and right educations.


You can read the original article here :




8 responses to “Asperger’s And Autism: Researchers Find Brain Differences

  1. I believe that all and any boarding is the necessary to be made through the “windows of oportunity” that the child presents. When using these “windows of oportunity”, we must feel, through the observation, the moment to transform this “window of oportunity” in a “door of oportunity” and introducing, initially, the basic concepts for the to support of the basic cognition.

  2. This is fascinating to read, I have been trying to explain to family, friends etc. why my daughter, who has Asperger’s, is different to someone who is autistic. She is articulate (when she wants to be) and is intelligent and this fools people into thinking that she doesn’t have anything wrong with her and all she needs is to get up each day and find something to motivate her. AAAARRRGGGHH…if only they knew! Thanks for sharing this Insung.

  3. Interesting! Since I’m undiagnosed for now, I’m actually not sure if I’m autistic or if I have Asperger’s (I always thought they were the same thing). I really hope I get to see scientists decode the brain the way they’re doing with the genetic code in my lifetime.

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