A Little Hero

I just read a news from NBC that brought happiness to me. The news was about a man with autism helping his grandmother and neighbor out of a home filled with smoke in San Juan Capistrano.

A house of an autistic man named Joshua Kurrasch was on fire on the 12th of August, 2013. The fire was found by the neighbor  and he entered the house to let them know about it. The house had no lights and was full of smoke that nobody could see anything. When Joshua’s grandmother and the neighbor were confused where to go, Joshua calmly led the way out.
They could not have escaped without Joshua’s heroic act! I was so proud of him.

Even though they lost many things due to the fire, I am very happy and proud of what Joshua have done!

I believe that this is a great example of showing that ‘the label‘ people have does not really matter in real life. Anybody can be a hero or achieve great thing like how Joshua did!


You can read the original news here:

Man With Autism Saves Grandmother, Neighbor From Burning Home! 


Theses are related articles I have found in other website:

Young Man With Autism Hailed As Hero After Fire Breaks Out At OC Home

Son with autism leads way out of burning house




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