Pictures from My Sister!

Few days ago, my sister and I were texting using an app called Kakaotalk. Kakaotalk is something similar with Whatsapp but Korean version. This is the only way my sister and I can communicate.

She told me that she finished making an amusement park and she bragged about how awesome it was to me. So I asked her to send me some pictures and… SHE DID! The pictures were not very focused well and I do admit that those are not the ‘best’ pictures. But I was very proud of her for doing this. Whenever I asked her do to a favor, she often ignores me. But for this time, she actually put effort on taking pictures and sent them to me to just show me. She took pictures by herself and she explained each of them. I was so happy to receive those pictures.

We did not talk for that long but just talking to her with few lines made my day.

Here are the pictures she sent to me.


Ferris Wheel, The Statue of Liberty, Roller Coasters and some fountains


This is the whole view of her work! Awesome isn’t it? She got many rides and different sculptures. Behind her work, there is a tulip that she made with paper for my mom and her favorite toy, Minnie Mouse. Also the calendar with her plans on it!


This is the Merry Go Round. It is one of her favorite things to make. Whenever she makes, she makes the horses look different and people look different too. It just fascinates me.


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