Things that I learn my sister #2

‘Be yourself’

It is a saying that everybody tells us. Yes, it is important to be truly yourself, since nobody else can be one for you. But in reality, there are many times that we cannot truly be ourselves. There are many times that we have to be ‘fake’. It sounds wrong but it is true and being fake in some situation isn’t bad either. For example, dealing with your boss could be very challenging and you will be ‘fake’ sometimes to just please your boss. It is hard for me to be myself in many times as well. There are many times that I don’t speak up for myself just because I think it could be disrespectful or could hurt other people’s feelings. Also just to stay within the social norm.

Whenever I am confused about who I am, or general things about me, just looking at my sister makes me realize how much I was not being myself lately and reminds me the importance of being myself.

Some people think that autistic people are very selfish because they only think about themselves only and they are always being themselves.  Maybe this is why they cannot survive in society. However, this characteristic that my sister has keeps me from being myself and helps me find my own way in this confusing and stressful world, where they force me to be same with other people.






2 responses to “Things that I learn my sister #2

  1. We can learn a lot from our loved ones who are on the Autistic spectrum. Being ‘ourselves’ is certainly something that we learn in life as we go on. Blogging for one has helped me with this:-)

  2. These are all interesting observations. I know that I have to “fake it”, but it can be very exhausting!

    The good news is that things are getting better for those on spectrum, slowly but surely!

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